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Silk  Floral  Designs

         We offer unique one of a kind custom silk floral arrangements that will adorn any room in your home or office.


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Purchase a lasting gift that you can enjoy for years to come. 

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Floral gifts for you

Choose a one - of - a kind custom floral silk arrangement.               Whether for  home or office,  you will find a                              wide selection of styles and materials.


                        Florals for all seasons

Flowers 2022 Yellow dendros flat.jpg
White Peonies in contemparay design
Flowers 2022 bsk Gold Assorted Flowers.jpg
Classic Assorted Blossoms in Champagne Colored Glass
Flowers 2023 Multi peach orchids and geraniums in orange flat .jpg
Peach Orchids and Phlox in ceramic vase
PXL Flowers tourquoise 3.jpg
Creme Peonies in tourquoise ceramic bowl
Flowers 2022 Blue and white bowl mixeddd.jpg
Classic Blue and White

      Currently, Colony Florist and Gifts is the exclusive distributor              of the  Petal35  line of silk arrangements in Houston, Texas 

                                612 W. Bough Lane  77024

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